ClearStream Spa Mineral Ionizer FAQ

  • What is the difference between mineral swim spas and salt water swim spas?

    The amount of chlorine required to maintain the water is the biggest difference between mineral and salt water swim spas. Chlorine in the range of 0.6ppm to 1ppm is required for mineral spas whereas the recommended chlorine level for salt water spas is 1ppm to 3ppm.

    Another key difference is the maintenance that is required. Minerals do not affect the pH level of your spa water, so there is no need to use pH Down or pH Up chemicals. Salt chlorination converts the salt in the water to liquid chlorine, which has a high pH level and needs to be frequently monitored. If salt cells are not properly cleaned, they can scale up and stop producing chlorine entirely.

    Mineral swim spas are more economical than salt water swim spas. In addition to lower ongoing maintenance and chemical costs, they use less power and have a smaller upfront investment.
  • How does ClearStream compare to other ionizers?

    While many ionizers only use copper, ClearStream is designed using a proprietary blend of silver, zinc, and copper. This blend has been laboratory tested to ensure its efficiency in effortlessly controlling bacteria and algae without over saturating the water with minerals. Copper is excellent for algae control but silver controls viruses and bacteria while zinc reacts with minerals to prevent them from plating to metal surfaces or staining the walls of your swim spa. Zinc is also fantastic for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth after every soak.

    The proportional control automatically regulates the water’s ion level to keep it stable as conditions like conductivity, salinity, and temperature change.

    ClearStream has mid-range pricing as far as most market ionizers go and it delivers the right value between a traditional chlorine and salt water hot tub or swim spa.

    ClearStream was introduced to the market in 2004 and is registered with CSA, UL, EPA, and Health Canada.
  • How long will the mineral cells last?

    On average, ClearStream mineral cells should last 12- 18 months in a swim spa. The biggest factor is the size of your hot tub or swim spa, as more water will require more minerals. Another contributing factor is the amount of sun that you get. Algae thrive in hot climates and this will require more minerals as well. The first cell that is used will not last as long as those that follow, this is because the minerals need to ramp up in your swim spa first. Once they have built up, they are stable and replacement cells will have a longer lifespan.
  • Are mineral spas 100% chlorine-free?

    There is no spa or pool system that is entirely free of chlorine. According to the EPA and Health Canada, the lowest recommended chlorine residual is 0.6ppm for a swim spa. Traditional chlorine systems can cause health irritations and asthma risks for many and the ClearStream ionizer can reduce these risks. As an example, one study by WebMD indicated that the chlorine level in mineral pools is low enough to reduce the risk of asthma to the same level as swimming in a lake or river.
  • How do I open by ClearStream mineral spa?

    When using the ClearStream system, you would open your swim spa the same way as you would a traditional chlorine spa by shocking the water and adding algaecide if needed. After the pump and filter have been started and running for a few days, you will need to test the mineral levels and adjust the ClearStream controller settings as necessary. We also recommend having your spa water tested at your local dealer to check for any other potential imbalances.
  • What is the ClearStream controller power usage

    The 240V controller draws a maximum of 0.05A and the 120V controller draws a maximum of 0.1A.
  • Does the ClearStream Ionizer filter the water?

    The ClearStream ionizer is not a filtration system. You will still need to use your regular spa filter and follow the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance plan and filter cleaning protocols.
  • Can pets or children be harmed by drinking mineral ions?

    When properly configured, the ClearStream controller will maintain a maximum of 0.4ppm of copper. As a reference, the maximum amount of copper allowed in drinking water is 1.3ppm.

    All other minerals are present in trace amounts and within the allowable drinking water levels.
  • Will my hair turn green from the copper?

    No, it will not. You may have heard of hair developing a green tint after swimming in a pool sometimes. This can be caused by a combination of high copper levels above 1ppm and high chlorine levels above 5ppm. When the chlorine is at such a high level, it can trigger copper into staining hair. When your ClearStream system is used as directed, the maximum copper output is 0.4ppm and the absolute maximum chlorine level would be 3ppm. Simply put, there would be no higher risk of your hair turning green than it would in the shower.
  • How long does it take for the mineral ions to reach the recommended levels?

    The larger your hot tub or swim spa is, the longer it will take for the minerals to ramp up. The ClearStream manual provides detailed settings to help you minimize the ramp up time. On average a hot tub will take up to 7 days and a swim spa or pool between 7 – 14 days. Once the ions reach the correct level of 0.2ppm to 0.4ppm, they are incredibly stable, and you should not have to adjust the controller settings.
  • Does the water heat influence the ions?

    No. The ClearStream controller is designed to maintain a constant output of mineral ions. It can compensate for water temperature and conductivity.
  • Can a stain & scale agent be added to the water?

    If your source water is highly concentrated with lime, iron, or calcium you may be used to using a stain & scale sequestering agent. Because these products are designed to remove iron and calcium, they will also remove the ClearStream mineral ions.

    ClearStream mineral ionizers, unlike salt chlorinators, are not affected by calcium hardness. This means that stain & scale agents are not required, even if high calcium levels are present in your water.

    If you’re concerned about the high iron content of your water, you can treat this using a metal trap filter that attaches to a garden hose and can remove contaminants before they enter your swim spa water. If you have already added a sequestering agent into your water, while it won’t damage the ClearStream system, it will neutralize new minerals, which will essentially waste your cell. Under these circumstances, we recommended unplugging your ClearStream controller for 4-6 weeks.