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The Watch That Watches You!

Introducing the new Swim Spa WaterWatch that is simple to use by just rotating your wrist and tapping the screen. Wear to monitor your workout results without having to pause your activity at any time.

Featuring a Swim Logbook, the WaterWatch provides detailed views of your training sessions via a dedicated iOS or Android app. You can easily create goals and personalized customizations to track such as calories burned, distance, pulse, time and pace. Stay motivated by competing with other WaterWatch wearers across the globe! Post your results on Social Media apps like Google Fit. Vibrational feedback allows you to perform heart rate training in real time. Set your target heart rate and the WaterWatch will keep you in your target zone by vibrating and signaling if you need to speed up or slow down.

How it Works

To operate the WaterWatch all you need to do is rotate and tap screen. The watch is not a touch screen. For example; all you have to do is rotate your wrist to change speed levels.

Just W.A.T.C.H. & Learn…

W: Wear your watch on your wrist
Watch your results in real time at any time by pausing your workout at anytime.

A: Analyze your performance
Swim Logbook: Simple charts and detailed views of the training sessions are always with you in a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

T: Track your goals
Your pulse, your distance covered, your calories burned, your time and your pace. You can set your own goals with personalized customization.

C: Compete against other around the world
Post your results to worldwideleaderboard, share your results with any Social Media Apps (Like: Facebook, Google Fit).

H: Heart rate training in real time “with vibration feedback”
Set yourTarget Heart Rate based on the fitness goals you would like to achieve.The WaterWatch then keeps you in your target heart rate zone by vibrating. The watch will then tell you to speed up or to slow down.

Pulse rate overviewPulse Rate
Distance TrackingDistance

Laps TrackerLaps
Overall OverviewOverall

Real Time PulseReal
Time Pulse
Real Time DistanceReal
Time Distance
Time Calories BurnedReal Time
Calories Burned

Timing is Everything!Timing is Everything!

Save up to $6,000 on a SwimSpa! North America Only
Offer Ends Aug 31

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