Can You Put a Swim Spa Inground

For those who don’t have enough room in their backyard or house to install a full sized swimming pool, a swim spa can be a great alternative. A swim spa allows one to practice all the different swim strokes while being kept in place by a strong current. The effect is much like that of a dryland treadmill for walking or running while allowing the swimmer to use a much smaller water tank compared to a full sized swimming pool. As an added bonus due to their small size, the water temperature of the swim spa can be cranked up to replicate that of a hot tub. There’s no possibility that you could ever get the water temperature of your full sized swimming pool that high. But when it comes to swim spas, do they offer the same installation possibilities as a swimming pool? Can you put a swim spa inground? The fact is that it’s entirely possible to install an inground swim spa. And for those who don’t like the bulky appearance of the above ground models, this can be an important selling point. In this article we’ll go over the installation of inground swim spas and other benefits.

Above Ground Versus Inground Swim Spas

One of the main differences between above ground and inground swim spas is their appearance. Above ground swim spas are typically completely self contained units with the plumbing and heating systems hidden within the cabinet that surrounds the water tank. This can make them appear quite large and bulky and difficult to attractively integrate into your backyard. Inground swim spas, on the other hand, hide most, if not all, of the mechanical components underground leading to sleek, low profile appearance. For those who want something to harmoniously blend into the surrounding area, an inground swim spa might be more desirable. Ease of installation is another matter. An above ground swim spa can simply be placed on any stable, level surface and be soon up and running. The inground swim spa, as the name suggests, will require some excavation and construction work as well as some foresight when it comes to future electrical, plumbing and maintenance access. This will necessarily increase the cost and duration of the installation process. Both types of swim spa will require attention paid to the ideal location, delivery access, drainage, ground preparation and electrical and plumbing access.

Swim Spa Benefits

When compared with a full sized swimming pool there are many benefits for the potential owner. An inground swim spa is much cheaper to install and operate compared to a full sized inground pool. Swim spas take up much less space while using less water, fewer chemicals and less electricity than the full sized pool. This also allows the swim spa to be used throughout the winter as the smaller body of water is much easier to keep heated. Swim spas allow for several different types of exercise. Although primarily used for swimming, they can also be outfitted with accessories that allow for resistance training, walking, jogging, rowing and more. Competitive open water swimmers often prefer training in swim spas because the current strength can be tailored to mimic the conditions of an open body of water. And as mentioned in the introduction, the temperature can be raised to 40 degrees Celsius, the same temperature found in hot tubs. For those who enjoy the privacy of swimming in their own backyard but have limited space for a full sized swimming pool, a swim spa can be a happy compromise. To learn more about inground swim spas, download a free buyer’s guide today.


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